6 benefits of having friends much older than you



There was a time not so long back when older people were only expected to mingle with older people and vice versa for the younger ones.

There weren’t any blurry lines when matters respect was concern and it was as though everyone knew what was expected of them.

But as the world continues to change from social media and workplaces narrowing age gaps, one thing is for sure, people can now interact more freely with each other.

It is no longer an abomination or disrespectful for younger people to be seen interacting with people much older than them.

As a matter of fact, interacting with people from different age groups can actually be beneficial to your social wellbeing. If you are in doubt, here are some benefits of having friends much older than you:

1. Expand your horizons

Chances are when you hang out with your agemates, you share similar interests and your outlook on life is basically the same, but when you have friends older than you, you get to expand your horizons and learn newer things. And who doesn’t love a challenge?

2. Help with guidance

Older friends will give you guidance and deeper insight on life issues and dilemmas. As you ponder and stress over the things around you, they will have likely been through the same situations and can offer their guidance and consolation that everything will be okay.

3. Competition is minimal

With your agemates you will probably want the same things, from potential partners, promotions and even clothes. However, with older friends your interests are obviously different and chances are when you meet up for drinks or a get together, they are genuine and not for show offs.

4. Inspire confidence

Believe it or not the older generation is more outspoken and outgoing than the younger one, having at least one or two older friends will help you build your self-confidence. You can learn to speak up for yourself and they will also not let anybody disrespect you in their presence.

5. Less judgmental

Sometimes you just want to hang around people who will take you as you but with your age group expectations are hang high. Everybody expects you to always have money for outings and be dressed in the latest clothes, but with older friends your life will be much easier and simpler since they don’t judge you as much.

6. Talk freely

Yes, there are those times when you want to talk to someone older about sex and marriage other than your family members for obvious reasons. Older friends can provide this safe space and you can discuss anything and everything without filtering any information or feeling embarrassed.

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