6 reasons why most people are afraid of falling in love

Love is one of the greatest experiences any of us will ever have in life. But if love goes sour, it can also be utterly devastating.

While some may think its worth the risk, a lot of people feel unwilling to take the risk necessary to fall in love. Being in love with someone else opens you up to many uncertainties and pain.

If a bad experience with love has left someone scarred, they may have put up boundaries hoping to never feel heartbreak again.

Alternatively, this can also lead to some individuals never wanting to fall in love in the first place.

If you think you may be afraid, or someone that you care for is afraid to love again, check out these 6 reasons why many of us are afraid of falling in love.

1. Love is never equal

You may go into a relationship being slightly fond of someone, while they are head over heels for you. This can easily reverse at any time; but regardless, one person will always love the other person more than they are loved in return.

2. Loss is sometimes inevitable

Some people may feel like losing someone they love is so painful that they’d rather not love at all. It’s hard to ever let go of someone you truly love, but if the bond is not meant to last, it typically comes to an end. This possibility too much for some people to withstand.

3. Love requires vulnerability

If you really love someone, it’s almost impossible to keep your walls up and protect your heart. You have to become vulnerable in a loving relationship, and this leaves both individuals’ sensitivities wide open to the other person. If a person is not willing to let down their guard, they are likely afraid of falling in love.

4. You like your space

If you love having your own space, then falling in love is likely really scary for you. Love requires letting another person into your area, mentally, emotionally and physically. A person who is particular about their living space, their time and emotional availability could have a hard time with the concept of love.

5. The past is hard to heal

If someone has experienced a tough break up, it can be hard for them to think open mindedly about ever loving someone again. We all bring baggage with us from our previous relationship, but some emotional luggage is heavier than others. If their past love history is too heavy to carry, some may feel like they cannot enter into a new relationship scot free.

6. Love challenges us

Having another person become so close to us is like holding up a mirror to our imperfections – weaknesses that you may have never truly noticed or were willing to deal with on your own. Being in love with someone who really loves you means being open to scrutiny, being challenged by your partner to become a better version of yourself, and ultimately not holding their tough love against them. If a person is not truly ready to face the truth about their flaws, they may never have the bravery to fall in love again.

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