6 reasons why your man doesn’t treat you right

If there is one sure thing about ladies in relationships, it is the fact that some are treated shabbily while others are treated like gold.

What do you think would make a man treat one lady like she’s the only thing in the world and another man would treat his lady like she’s the worst thing to have happened to him; they are both in a relationship but they aren’t both valued.

There are reasons why some ladies are treated like angels and others are treated like the direct opposite; it’s no magic, and I would share those reasons with you.

1. Low self-esteem

The way you see yourself, the way you treat yourself is exactly how others would treat you. When a lady sees herself as one that’s weak and inferior, her man might just give her that same treatment. It would only take a man who has deep consciousness of the fact that he cares about a lady to still treat her well even with her low self-esteem. Besides that, if you don’t value yourself, your man won’t too.

2. He probably doesn’t love you

Yes, this could be another reason; if he loves you truly, he would give you all the care you deserve but when the feelings and emotions that comes with love doesn’t exist, it might just be a case of him forcing himself to treat you well and when there is no love, it would be a hard ordeal.

3. You are desperate

This is also another reason why some ladies are treated with utter disdain. When a lady is too desperate for a man, he wouldn’t see the real value of that lady. Being desperate is a weakness not strength, it would take away a lady’s value and she just might not be valued by her man.

4. In the relationship for wrong reasons

When a man is in a relationship for the wrong reason, he definitely wouldn’t see the real value of his lady. One wrong reason men enter relationships is for sexual motives, and when a relationship is based on this, there would be no value. So before you enter a relationship with a man, make sure his intentions are pure else you just might rue being in that relationship.

5. Over dependency

Over dependency is never good in any relationship; when you depend on a man too much, you give him every reason that you can’t do without him and this might make him lose sight of the relationship. Try to be a little independent, don’t make him lord over your life else he would value you less.

6. You are just a side chick

Any other lady other than a man’s main lady is known as a side chick. It’s good for a lady to know her position in a relationship because you could be a side chick without even knowing, and when you are his side chick, he won’t accord you the respect he accords his main lady. If you are one of his numerous concubines then you just might not be treated the way you want.

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