7 Strong Reasons Why Men Cheat

Reasons Why Men Cheat

Here are some 7 strong reasons why men cheat while in a relationship.

Have you ever wondered why men cheat in a relationship? You all can agree with me that cheating is part of most relationships — be it in a lesbian, gay or straight relationships. The question is why would someone cheat on another person that they claim they love so much?

It is also true that both men and women cheat in relationships. However, in this article, our focus shall be on men. We shall look at 7 strong reasons why men cheat in a relationship.

According to Shane Birkel a licensed marriage and family therapist, he stated that cheating in a relationship “is likely more due to the way men and women are socialized than any innate differences between them. Looking at our society this day, men are considered to cheating than women, here are some reasons why men do cheat;

1. Means to end a Relationship / Opting out of Relationship:

 Reasons Why Men Cheat

Not all men are bold enough to end a relationship and this pushes them to use a different means which is cheating. Sometimes, when a man is tired of his relationship with his partner and wants to end such a relationship, the first step he takes is cheating.

According to a relationship therapist, men are less likely to have difficult conversations with their partners about their own needs and the relationship so if they are looking for a way out, they see cheating as a means to end everything since no woman in her right senses would love to be with a man who cheats. This makes the woman feel unwanted and unimportant. Hence, in the long run, she will be the one to opt out of the relationship.

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