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AKA, L Tido and others gather to pay tribute to Nellie Tembe in prayer meeting


AKA is yet to speak on the death of his fiancé, Nelli Tembe who died in the early hours of Sunday, 11th April 2021.

Nelli’s death brought shock to a lot of people most especially her family and that of AKA’s.

Taking to Instagram, L Tido shared a picture of everyone present at the family meeting.

The Forbes will be returning to Durban on Tuesday, 13 April to prepare for the funeral arrangements.

The Tembe family spokesperson and MC, Clive Manci said Nellie and her father Moses Tembe had a good relationship.

The pair apparently had a lot in common, including their love of food.

In another story, AKA, his father Tony Forbes and others held a zoom prayer meeting to pay tribute to Nelli due to the current Covid-19 regulations.

Tony spoke on behalf of AKA and the rest of the family.




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