Are all rosemary plants edible?

Common rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) is desirable for its beautiful spring blooms, hardy nature and versatility. Rosemary has been hybridized to produce a number of cultivars. Because common rosemary is edible, all varieties are edible, but they do slightly vary in flavor and in their growth habits.Click to see full answer. Similarly, it is asked, can Rosemary be poisonous?Ingestion of large quantities of rosemary may cause stomach and intestinal irritation, kidney damage and/or toxicity.Furthermore, which variety of rosemary is best for cooking? Scented rosemary is best for cooking because of its excellent flavor and soft leaves. Blue Boy, Spice Islands, and White rosemary are also used in cooking. Arp, Dancing Waters, Golden Rain, Pink, and White varieties are more often used as landscape plants. Just so, can I use rosemary from my yard in cooking? Rosemary for cooking is different than the rosemary decorating your yard. Most varieties of rosemary are chosen for landscaping rather than cooking. However, these landscape varieties can be used for cooking as well. But varieties selected for cooking are usually upright and often have a higher oil content.Are there different types of rosemary?Different Rosemary Varieties. Rosemary is most commonly known as a cooking herb, but it can also be used as an ornamental shrub. There are two main types of rosemary plants, the upright varieties and the creeping varieties. Both offer evergreen leaves, fragrant foliage and edible flowers.

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