Are Blundstones supposed to be tight at first?

Blundstone boots are made to fit snugly around your ankle so can be tight to pull on the first time. Over time, the boot will stretch slightly over the instep, but never lengthwise.Click to see full answer. Moreover, how are Blundstones supposed to fit?Blundstone boots typically have a loose fit and a centimetre or two of heel lift is very common with Blundstone boots. If you still find that they fit too generously, the insoles provided in the box are helpful for snugging up the fit. Chisel toes are a bit of a longer fit than other Blundstone styles.Beside above, how can I stretch my new Blundstones? Method 1: Use a shoe stretcher Apply shoe stretch spray to relax the fibers of the shoe for easy stretching. Insert stretching plugs to target problem areas where you get corns or bunions. Insert the shoe stretcher into the shoe. Turn the handle until you have the desired amount of stretch. Besides, how long does it take for Blundstones to stretch? two to three week Are blundstone half sizes just wider?Blundstone and Redback Boots half sizes are only wider and are not longer than full sizes. If you normally wear wide fitting shoes, we suggest that you order a Blundstone or Redback half size for the extra width. If you are unsure which shoe size to purchase, you can use these size guides.

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