Are Cardinals found in Washington state?

Seattle Audubon Society The Northern Cardinal is the state bird of seven states. The Meadowlark, found in Washington year-round, is the state bird of six states.Click to see full answer. Furthermore, are there Cardinals in the Pacific Northwest?cardinalis. The species also occurs along the Pacific coast of Mexico from Jalisco to Oaxaca, and on the Islas MarĂ­as. The northern cardinal (Cardinalis cardinalis) is a bird in the genus Cardinalis; it is also known colloquially as the redbird, common cardinal or just cardinal (which was its name prior to 1985).Similarly, what states are Cardinals found in? The Northern Cardinal is the state bird of Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, North Carolina, Ohio, Virginia, and West Virginia. In this way, what kind of birds are in Washington state? List of birds of Washington (state) The American goldfinch is the state bird of Washington. Canada goose. American coot. Killdeer. Ring-billed gull. Northern fulmar. Are there grouse in Washington state?Ruffed grouse are common throughout the foothills and lowlands of Western Washington and some areas east of the Cascades. All four grouse species are native to Washington, and at least one of the four is found in 34 of our 39 counties.

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