Are degus social animals?

DNA research of guinea pigs, which are of the same ‘Octodon’ family as Degus, made clear that Degus are more related to rabbits than rodents. Degus are very social animals and need a lot of attention and someone to ‘weep’ at, so it is recommended to keep at least two Degus.Click to see full answer. Then, what type of animal is a Degu? rodents Likewise, what are Degu babies called? December 01, 2011. Degu Mom Doris has her hands full at Germany’s Hannover Zoo with five baby Degus. The quintuplet loves nothing more than to climb, dig, sand bathe, and chew their way through wooden blocks. Degus come from Chile and weigh only 14 grams at birth. The young are born blind and with their fur. Herein, can degus live with other animals? In addition, given that degus are prey species, they can be kept in homes with other pets, such as cats and dogs, as long as these naturally predatory animals are kept away from degus and are never around them unsupervised.Are degus illegal?The word degu comes from the Mapudungun dewü (mouse, rat). Some jurisdictions consider degus as a potential invasive species and forbid owning them as a pet. In the United States, they are illegal to own in California, Georgia, and Alaska. In Canada they are illegal to own in Newfoundland and Labrador.

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