Are Harry and David fruits organic?

Harry & David is committed to providing the best, which is why we are broadening our selection of organic fruit gifts. All of the organic fruit in our gifts is grown, harvested, and packaged in accordance with the USDA National Organic Program.Click to see full answer. In this manner, are Harry and David pears organic?Harry & David worked with landowners, state and federal agencies, and environmental advocates on a Rogue River stream channel restoration project to develop high-value salmon-rearing reaches. The company has three organically certified Royal Riviera® Pear orchards, totaling 94 acres in organic production. is Harry and David a good gift? Harry & David is a top-of-its-class online purveyor of gift baskets, totes, and towers with a wide selection of relatively high-quality products. The gift baskets are tastefully put together and the service has gift basket options for almost any occasion or event and price-point. Likewise, people ask, where does Harry and David get their fruit? The brothers decided to specialize in a breed of pear that grew especially well in the Rogue River Valley; in a clever marketing move, they bestowed their pears with a luxurious-sounding name, “Royal Riviera.”Which is the best fruit of the month club? Monthly Fruit Clubs April – Spring Tangelos. May – Grove Navel Oranges. June – Peaches. July – Bing Cherries. August – Florida Mangoes. September – Bartlett Pears. October – Orchard Apples. November – Grove Navel Oranges.

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