Are Hebe plants drought tolerant?

Plants flower best in full sun, and must have well-drained soil with some humus such as compost worked in to prevent the roots from becoming too dry. Hebes are drought-tolerant, have evergreen foilage and flower prolifically throughtout the summer. After flowering, sheer back flowering stems to keep the plant full.Click to see full answer. Similarly, you may ask, do Hebes need a lot of water?When grown in open ground they only require watering in very dry conditions. When grown in containers they will need more frequent watering from May to September. Hebes tolerate neglect well mainly because their nutrient requirements are low and they grow well with minimal pruning. how long do Hebe plants live? Taking cuttings Hebes are named after the Greek goddess of youth, but sadly they do have a short-lived tendency. Expect five good years, ten at most. For this reason, and due to their less than hardy constitution, it’s worth taking cuttings in midsummer. Herein, what is the most drought tolerant plant? Top 10 Drought-Tolerant Plants Proven Winners, Portulaca. Portulaca spp. Kathy Saul. Coneflower. Echinacea spp. Catmint. Agastache. Proven Winners, Lantana. Proven Winners, Salvia. Lavender. Alan and Linda Detrick. Russian Sage. How often should I water my Hebe? 6 top tips for Hebe plant care Hebe likes a sunny spot in the garden and can tolerate full sun (but will also happily thrive in partial shade) Ensure water can always drain away – the Hebe doesn’t like sitting in puddles of water. When your Hebe is flowering (Summer-Autumn), give it a water with plant food in once a fortnight.

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