Are niche fragrances better than designer?

Re: Niche vs Designer To me there is no comparison, niche hands downs wins over designer scents. They have more money and time to create quality scents with more natural ingredients. That being said, obviously there are great designer scents out there.Click to see full answer. Furthermore, are niche fragrances worth it?To me, a fragrance is worth it if I like wearing it. Niche fragrances do cost more than more mainstream scents, but I find that they also tend to be less commercial and you can find some really interesting ones out there. I’ve only got tolerance for so many white florals in my collection, after all. is Tom Ford designer or niche? Tom Ford Private Blends because of the avant garde style, and some good fragrances (though the average is so-so). CREED – niche-like because of the retail prices charged. But the designer dreck scents pull them down. Therefore, Tom Ford Private Blends more niche-like between the two. Similarly, it is asked, what are niche fragrances? Boutique artisanal perfume studios whose production is on a much smaller scale, and whose presence in mainstream retail stores is minimal or non-existent, are thus referred to as niche. These are the scents you might likely find at a perfume specialist or high-end fragrance boutique.What is a designer perfume?Fashion designers are typically known for their lines of clothing, jewelry and handbags. Some designers also decide to create their own designer perfumes. A designer fragrance is usually a perfume or cologne scent created by a famous designer whose name on the bottle almost guarantees that many will want to try it.

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