Are Olivia and Zach Better Date Than Never Still Together?

Yes, Olivia Hargroder and Zach from Better Date Than Never are still together. Olivia found her first boyfriend in the reality show.

Better Than Never is a six-part ABC docuseries from the creators of Love on the Spectrum.

The new reality show profiles five diverse singletons as they venture into the dating world for the very first time.

Each participant entered the show with their own reasons for starting their dating journey, traditionally “late.”

The Australian reality series debuted on January 24, 2023. Refreshingly real, honest, and diverse, the warn hearted series explores the world of dating and relationships.

Director Cian O’Clery describes the show as the converse of the “hot people on islands” dating show, focusing on love and relationship rather than villains and conflicts.

With a little help from the producers, the participants embark on blind dates.

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– Are Olivia and Zach Still Together?
– Olivia and Zach’s Heartwarming Journey On The Show
– Olivia Hargroder Is An Icon

Are Olivia and Zach Still Together?

Yes, Olivia and Zach are still together from Better Date Than Never. The 22-year-old young woman is in a happy relationship.

Hargroder was really nervous ahead of her first-ever date in the show. She shared she had never felt so nervous before, not even during her time as an advocate for people with Down Syndrome in the UN.

Despite feeling extremely tense, she stuck with the plan and admitted she had a great time on the show. She did say that it was scary because she had never dated on camera.

It was her first date, but once she got there all the nerves went away and she enjoyed her time on the date.

After her first date with Zach, she rushed to share a post-date debrief with her sister. “It was a lot of fun,” said Hargroder while hugging her sister. She continued, “His name is Zach. He is super nice.”

She said she was really happy and falling for him. Hargroder and her partner had that spark on their first date. She further said that they had a lot in common and she liked him a lot.

Talking more, Hargroder also had her first kiss with Zach. She then invited him to meet the family.

Just a few days ago, ABC TV shared a joyous clip on their Instagram which saw Hargroder doing a little happy dance saying, “Cause I got a boyfriend. First-ever boyfriend. Mm-mmm Yeah!”

Olivia and Zach’s Heartwarming Journey On The Show

Olivia and Zach met for the first time on ABC’s Better Date Than Never. The singleton was both nervous and excited before going on her date.

Before the meeting, she talked about it with her family and said she was looking for a man who would love her for being herself and she would also do the same.

She previously explained to the creators what she was looking for in a partner.

She said she wanted a tall gentleman who had an incredible sense of humor.

Zach definitely stood out to her standards and she couldn’t be happier after her first date with him.

In the third episode, the pair met again for a romantic dinner, which brought up strong emotions.

In the next episode, when Charles was stepping out to someone new, Hargroder received a special phone call.

Her connection grew and Zach made a bold proposition in the fifth episode. In the final episode (E06), she finally called him to meet the family.

She further experienced her first kiss with him. “I’ve never kissed a guy before,” Hargroder said to her date.

Zach said he had kissed a girl before and knows how to do it. “If you’re ready, I’m ready,” he added.

Then the two kissed, and Zach said, “that was your first kiss.” Hargroder replied, “Yeah, ever!”

She added that she was glad he was her first-ever kiss.

Olivia Hargroder Is An Icon

Olivia is a public speaker, actor and social change activist who is currently determined to get Down Syndrome it’s own category in the Paralympics.

She is a high-achieving young woman living with her mother and her dog, Dolly, in Queensland, Australia.

She even addressed the United Nations as a supporter of people with Down Syndrome.

Hargroder started the petition “change the box to allow talented athletics with Down Syndrome to compete in the Paralympics” to Mr. Glenn Tasker, the President of the Australian Paralympic Committee.

She was also featured on the front page of Ie independent education union magazine for her Change the box campaign.

When she spoke about the matter at the United Nations, she learned that in several nations, people are told to leave their newborns with the condition at the hospital.

Hargroder is active on Instagram under the username @oliviaannehargroder. There she usually shares loving pictures of herself with her friends, family, and loved ones.

She also uses the platform to share her work and raise awareness.

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