Are toeboards required on guardrails?

Toeboard is required on safety railing whenever it would be potentially hazardous for an object to fall from the edge.Click to see full answer. Similarly, it is asked, do I need a guardrail? Guardrail Guidelines Generally, guardrails are required when the building has steps, landings, platforms or accessible roof spaces. According to the code, guardrails are required when there is a difference of 30 in. or greater between two upper and lower surfaces. OSHA requirements for guardrails are quite stringent.Also Know, what components must a guardrail have? With both standards, OSHA deems guardrail compliant under the following conditions: Vertical height of 42 inches. Mid rail height of 21 inches. Top rails capable of withstanding 200 pounds of pressure from any direction. Mid rails capable of withstanding 150 pounds of pressure from any direction. Then, at what height is a guardrail required? 42 inches Are toeboards required on scaffolding?Scaffolding. Most scaffolding more than 10 feet off the ground should have toeboards at least four inches high on all open sides of the scaffolding, according to OSHA guidelines. Ship scaffolding, however, can have three-quarter inch by one-and-a-half inch edges rather than standard four-inch toeboards.

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