Are Treehut watches good?

They are reliable timepieces as well as very good looking! I’ve never had a watch draw comments the way the Treehut watches do. Everyone seems to like them! The only thing I’d like to see changed is the overall size.Click to see full answer. Considering this, are Treehut watches waterproof?Treehut Classic watch is light and durable since they are made of bamboo. It is 3 ATM water resistant, and can withstand splashes of water or rain.Also Know, where are tree hut watches made? Treehut Wooden Watches Made In San Francisco, USA | Treehut. Correspondingly, what is the best wooden watch? 10 Best Looking Wood Watches 1: Spinnaker. 2: JORD Watches. 3: Lux Woods. 4: Ovi Watches. 5: Plantwear. 6: Vejrhøj. 7: Kerbholz. 8: Original Grain. How long does tree hut take to ship?Delivery typically takes between 7-14* business days worldwide once shipped from us. This shipping option does include delivery status updates.

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