Can anyone go to the Cannes Film Festival?

How to Get Into the Cannes Film Festival. We’ll break it to you gently – the general public cannot buy tickets to the Cannes Film Festival. It is available to the domain of film professionals only.Click to see full answer. Hereof, is Cannes film festival open to public?The best answer is: no, not really. The Cannes festival is a trade fair and a competition for the press and jury. Nobody makes it particularly easy for people just to walk in and watch a movie. Having said that, limited numbers of seats are made available and there are non-red carpet screenings around town.Similarly, what can you do at Cannes Film Festival? The Best Things to Do in Cannes During the Film Festival Don your best outfit outside the Palais hoping to get in. Cinema. Save Place. Watch a film on the beach at cinema de la Plage. Cinema. Save Place. Rejuvenate with delicious food at the Marché Forville. Market, French, $$$ Save Place. Hang out on La Croisette. Building, Park. Walk the cobbled streets of Le Suquet. Church. Subsequently, question is, who all can go to Cannes? Anyone can go and hope to get invited or pick up a ticket to see a screening. But the chances of random people getting to see anything are quite low. Cannes has a population of about 75,000. This swells to about 250,000 during the festival.How do I get a film in Cannes? Film Festivals: Getting Your Film into Cannes Step 1 – Meeting the Preselection Conditions. Before you submit your film to the Cannes Film Festival, you must comply with certain preselection conditions. Step 2 – Filling Out the Online Entry Form. Step 3 – Mailing your Video. Step 4 – Complying With the Rules and Regulations.

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