Can I lower my ADT bill?

Existing customers can negotiate a new monthly rate with ADT. You can ask for a ADT discount no matter how long or short you’ve been a customer. Longer customers should ask for a loyalty ADT discount to lower your monthly fee on your bill.Click to see full answer. Also question is, can I suspend my ADT service?You need to call 1-800-243-1748 and talk to one of their customer retention specialists. This is the only way that ADT recognizes your initial request to cancel service.Also Know, how much should I pay for ADT? ADT home security costs can range from $9/week * to $14/week * based on your monitoring package. The ADT monthly fee for the standard Essentials package starts at $36.99/month *. For the most advanced ADT monitored security offer, homeowners can opt for the Premium Protection package at $52.99/month *. Also question is, how much is ADT cancellation fee? An early termination fee of 75% of your monthly service charge will be due on the remaining balance of the initial contract term. There are additional charges for the guard response service for municipal alarm verification. All equipment remains the property of ADT. Prices are subject to change and may vary by market.Does ADT give discounts?You can obtain a discount by calling your home insurance company directly after you install your home security system. Some insurance companies will give you a discount of as much as 20 percent off your home insurance costs if you have an ADT home security system or another version.

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