Can I put root killer down my drain?

Rock Salt Can Kill Roots by Drying Them Out The first method is to pour sodium chloride or copper sulfate, or rock salt, into your toilet. Let the compound work its magic for 8 to 12 hours, avoiding flushing your toilet or running any water that will drain into your affected pipe.Click to see full answer. Keeping this in consideration, does drain root killer work?Tree root killer is pretty much exactly what it sounds like: it’s a chemical that kills tree roots. Different types of root killer work in different ways. Although it’s effective for killing tree roots, copper sulfate is reputed to be bad for pipes, and can also kill helpful bacteria in your septic tank.Subsequently, question is, what kills tree roots in drains? How to Kill Tree Roots in Sewer Line Rock Salt: tree roots growing around and in sewer pipes will be killed with the use of about a cup of rock salt flushed down the toilet. Copper Sulfate: while less effective than rock salt, copper sulfate is used to kill tree roots in sewer lines and deter the clogging of pipes. Simply so, will bleach kill roots in sewer line? Long answer: Lye, bleach and salt might seem like great, inexpensive ways to remove tree roots from a sewer line, but they have several drawbacks: They’re not effective. Homemade root killers can flow past the target or crystalize, adding to the clog.How do you remove roots from drain pipes? Here are several approaches to clearing sewer lines. Cut Tree Roots Mechanically. One of the most common techniques is to use a mechanical auger. Chemical Tree Root Removal. Remove Tree Roots With a Hydro Jetter. Dig Up Invasive Tree Roots.

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