Can I use my NY and company credit card at Fashion To Figure?

Paying for purchases with Gift Cards New York & Company Gift Cards are accepted as payment toward your purchase online or at any Fashion To Figure store.Click to see full answer. Correspondingly, can I use my New York and company credit card at another store? Better Cards to Use at New York & Company However, both the card and its rewards can only be used at New York & Company, making them useful only for branded purchases. what bank does New York and company use? Comenity Bank In respect to this, what happened to fashion to figure? In an agreement just reached and announced today via Businesswire, New York & Company has stepped in to save the brand with “an asset purchase agreement to acquire certain assets of Fashion to Figure.”Is New York and Company a fashion to figure?Dive Brief: New York & Co. on Tuesday announced that it has entered into an agreement to acquire certain assets of U.S. plus-size retailer Fashion to Figure for $1.4 million in cash plus no more than $1 million in fees and expenses.

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