Can soft drinks stop pregnancy?

Share on Pinterest New research finds that soda could harm your chances of becoming pregnant. New research — which has now been published in the journal Epidemiology — finds that drinking one or more sugary drinks each day is linked to reduced fertility, for both men and women.Click to see full answer. Also question is, can soft drinks cause infertility?Excessive consumption of soda and other aerated drinks can hamper fertility in both men and women. Men who consume soft drinks more often are at four times the risk of lowering their sperm count, motility and concentration. Soda is an acidic beverage, which alters the pH level of the body with excess consumption.Beside above, does Coke flush out sperm? No only that, but using Coke as a douche can’t ensure that–whatever the formula–the soda will reach all sperm that may remain in a woman’s reproductive system. People also ask, does Sprite prevent pregnancy? THE MYTH: Douching with Coke (or any kind of soda) right after sex will prevent pregnancy. The common belief was that the acidity of the soft drink would kill sperm and the sugar would cause the sperm cells to explode. After sex, a girl would put warm Coke in her vagina, making the soda a spermicidal douche.Can drinking salt water stop pregnancy?Salt and Water commonly used as emergency contraception by our study group said to be taken within 5 min of unprotected sex has not been shown by any study to be effective in preventing pregnancy.

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