Can you cancel Costco car rental?

You can cancel your reservation online at Costco Travel by logging in and selecting “My Account,” or by calling the car company directly. There is no charge for canceling an online rental car reservation.Click to see full answer. Similarly, it is asked, is it cheaper to rent a car through Costco?Not only can you enjoy some of the lowest car prices, Costco Travel will also waive the additional driver fee that can add an additional $10 per day to your rental price. That’s almost $200 cheaper than some of the third-party travel sites for the exact same car.Likewise, can you cancel a prepaid car rental? If a prepaid reservation is cancelled more than 24 hours before the pickup time, a $50 cancellation fee will be assessed ($100 in NY and Ft. Lauderdale). If the prepaid reservation is cancelled within 24 hours before the pickup time, a $100 fee will be assessed ($200 in NY and Ft. Subsequently, question is, can you cancel Costco travel? Cancellation of the Costco Travel flight(s) portion of your cruise is nonrefundable. The value on the canceled airline tickets may be used to rebook future air travel at a later date.Can I use someone else’s Costco card to rent a car?As xxMACxx mentions, since no credit card info is required at the time of booking, you just use your Costco membership number – but I’m not sure if you can use the membership information of someone else for your booking. On their car rental website it mentions, “Exclusively for Costco Members”.

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