Can you partially bury above ground pool?Can you partially bury above ground pool?

The short answer is yes, but the longer answer involves several conditions. Not just any pool can be buried, and not just in any area, and not just to any shape or depth. First, you need to make sure your above ground pool is built to be buried, as not all are.Click to see full answer. Accordingly, can you partially bury an Intex pool?Hi Jason. You would not want to bury this pool in the ground and pack dirt back around it. This type of soft sided pool would not hold up well to the weight of the dirt. You would either need to not backfill, or possibly build a retaining wall to keep the dirt off the pool.Additionally, how do you prepare the ground for an above ground pool? Yard Preparation Step 1: Placement. The first step is deciding where you want to place the swimming pool in the backyard. Step 2: Clean the Area. Remove all items that could make it difficult to secure a proper foundation for the pool. Step 3: Measure. Step 4: Start Digging. Step 5: Level the Pool Hole. Step 6: Wait 24 hours. Herein, is it OK to backfill an above ground pool? Although most pool manufacturers do not recommend it, homeowners and contractors frequently use an above-ground pool as an in-ground pool. The pool must be filled prior to backfilling to prevent pool wall collapse and the water level in the pool must always be higher than ground level by at least 1 foot.How much does it cost to put in an above ground pool?The installation costs of above ground pools usually run $1,000–$3,000, depending on the size and type of pool. Keep in mind that oval pools normally cost more to install than round pools, and the kits are also more expensive.

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