Can you put polyurethane over semi gloss?

Short Answer. The short answer is that stain polyurethane finishes can be applied over any paint or stain that is already properly applied to the surface and that has completely dried. That includes the various semigloss paints and stains, whether they are latex, acrylic or oil-based.Click to see full answer. Considering this, can you put satin polyurethane over semi gloss polyurethane?A: You can apply any sheen over another as long as your fully abrade, scuff, scratch up the previous coat of finish. The problem with pre-finished floors is the bevel. These have to be done manually.Similarly, does semi gloss paint need a top coat? There are some cases in which you may not need a topcoat, such as: Pieces painted with high-gloss or semi-gloss paint-these sheens are pretty durable and easily wiped clean. Spray painted pieces such as lamps, photo frames and wall décor (things that don’t see a lot of hands-on use) can you use polyurethane on paint? Applying one or two coats of polyurethane to a painted surface is a good way to protect the paint. Oil-based polyurethane levels out to a smoother finish, although it takes several hours longer to dry. You can apply polyurethane over any type of paint, as long as it’s clean and has been properly prepared.What is the difference between gloss semi gloss and satin polyurethane?The amount of luster and shine is the biggest difference between satin and semigloss urethanes. Just as both are types of urethane, both actually begin as high-gloss finishes. Manufacturers add a flattening paste made with zinc oxide to a high-gloss formula to turn it into a satin or semigloss formula.

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