Can you run Windows containers on Mac?

Windows Containers allows a server to act as container host for containers that can be managed with tools like Docker. However, a Windows container host can run only Windows containers, and not Linux containers. I work on a Mac, and I want to use the Docker client on OSX to build Windows Containers.Click to see full answer. Also question is, can Docker containers run on both Windows and Mac operating systems?Docker Unveils Native Container Support for Windows and Mac OS X. Docker containers, once available only for Linux platforms, now run natively on Microsoft Windows and Apple’s Mac OS X, creating new DevOps opportunities. Docker containers are not just for Linux anymore.Secondly, can I run Docker on Mac? Currently, to use Docker on Mac and Windows requires the use of Docker Toolbox. You have to download it, install a bunch of tools and dependencies for it to work. And since Docker uses Linux-specific tools you can’t run it natively. Instead, you have to use docker-machine and attach to a VirtualBox VM on your system. In respect to this, can you run Windows in a Docker container? You can run any application in Docker as long as it can be installed and executed unattended, and the base operating system supports the app. Windows Server Core runs in Docker which means you can run pretty much any server or console application in Docker.Can I install OS in Docker?TL;DR No, Docker won’t run any kind of OS. This is going to be confusing but if you read with little patience you can surely understand. Docker container engine provides some features of Virtual Machine but both are completely different. Every OS has a heart known as Kernel.

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