Can you screed over a timber floor?

Screed is commonly used in wood flooring installation projects. The ideal way of ensuring your subfloor is level and smooth, screeds are relatively easy and quick to lay. Screed can be applied to structural concrete or to insulation to create a thin, level surface on which your wood floor can be installed.Click to see full answer. Subsequently, one may also ask, can you screed over floorboards?do not under any circumstances lay a sand/cement screed on top of floorboards. use 18mm w.b.p plywood instead, either by replacing the floorboards with said ply or going over the top of the existing floorboards if you have the height tolerance.Beside above, can you screed over bitumen floor? because a latex based screed should never ever be used over Bitumen, the green colouring may be due to a chemical reaction between the two substrates which will require the screed to be mechanically removed. Hereof, can you use self leveling compound on timber floors? Typically; self-levelling compounds are suitable with most screeds, including sand:cement, anhydrite and flooring grade asphalt. However, when levelling timber floors, or screeds containing underfloor heating then only fibre-reinforced products are suitable i.e. BAL Level Max.How do you fix uneven wood floors? Here are some things to consider when your subfloor is uneven. Self-leveling Compound. When you are dealing with uneven floors, one option that you have is to use self-leveling compound. Plywood. Another option that you could utilize is installing plywood on top of the old subfloor. Grinding.

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