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Court opens sexual case against Bishop Makamu

Bishop Makamu is still the talk of the town after various reports confirm that a 21-year-old woman has opened a case against revered Bishop Makamu for allegedly sexually assaulting her in the past.

Few weeks ago, the star voluntarily steps down from his duties on Moja Love following viral video.

After keeping mum about the whole incident, the woman who was only 17 years old at the time, has turned to the law, hoping that it will work in her favour.

Social media saw how Bishop Makamu tried to get out of this situation last Sunday, during a church service at the Endless Hope Bible church. He called it “Bishop’s Itinerary” where he invited his spiritual father Pastor PS Gumbi.

He however apologized to his wife Hloniphile Makamu as well as the congregants and general public.

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