Dan Fowlks Wife Chantelle Fowlks Is An Internet Celebrity On Her Own

Dan Fowlks wife Chantelle Fowlks is a social media influencer and content creator. Dan and Chantelle have three children together.

Dan is an American actor, writer, director and cinematographer working in the entertainment industry for a short time.

The actor hails from a small town called Leeds in Utah.

The father of three has been active on the silver screen since 2013. Before that, he also worked in numerous theatrical performances such as St. George Musical Theater, Pam Arts and The Space Between at St. George, Utah.

Other than that, he has worked as a writer for short movies such as A Tale Told Heart, The Hit and Shred of Decency.

He is also an excellent cinematographer on projects such as High Card, Shred of Decency, Laidover, and The Invitation.

As an actor, his movie credits include such as Lights, Camera, Romance, My One True Love, Love’s Gate, Barren, and Happily Ever Emma.

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– Dan Fowlks Married His High-School Sweetheart
– Dan and Chantelle Have Three Children
– Dan Fowlks In Happily Ever Emma

Dan Fowlks Married His High-School Sweetheart

Dan Fowlks wife Chantelle Fowlks is his high school sweetheart. The couple got married on November 6, 2009.

Chantelle comes from the same city as Dan. Both had spent their high school years together.

They have been married for more than thirteen years. They are proud parents of three children, two son and a daugther.

Chantelle was born to her mother Sharise Tippets and father Skyler Austi Sorensen. In her family, she is not the only child.

She has two brothers named Ronald and Vickie and a sister named Tayli.

By profession, she is an interior designer. Looking at her social media profile, her post includes her posting different interior designs making her home quite beautiful.

Other than that, she is also a social media influencer. Her Instagram profile has more than 31.9k followers and has 1,149 people following her.

Using her social media, she has been collaborating with different products for promotions. She also has an expertise in DIY.

She mostly spends her days looking after their children. Chantelle had suffered from Post Pregnancy Depression after giving birth to her second daughter.

Dan and Chantelle Have Three Children

Dan Fowlks has three children with his partner Chantelle. The couple has two daughters and one son.

Their eldest daughter is Haiven Fowlks who is currently 12 years old. She was born on January 1, 2011.

She is very helpful to her mother and assists her in whatever she can do. The beautiful Haiven is born with the beauty. Her name Haiven signifies a freedom-loving individual.

The second child of the Fowlks family is Copelin. The eldest son of the Fowlks family was born on April 6, 2014. At present, he is 8 years old.

During covid time, he was homeschooled by his parents. After the pandemic was suppressed, he has begun to go to school.

His name Copeline is similar to the acronym for credible, optimistic, perfect, eager, lively, imaginative and nice person.

The youngest and the cutest child of Dan and Chantelle is their daughter Novalin. Novalin was born on 29 January 2017 and is six years old.

Dan Fowlks In Happily Ever Emma

Dan Fowlks is acting in Happily Ever Emma, a new movie from the Great American Family. The movie premieres on Saturday, March 4.

The new movie Happily Ever Emma is adapted from Jane Austen’s novel “Emma” from 1815. The novel has been adapted into a modern story by writer Brittany Wiscomber for the movie in the 21st century.

Dan plays the role of Gray Knightley while Monica plays the role of Emma Hutton.

The movie revolves around Emma who is an actress by profession but has always been acting as a matchmaker for whoever she knows.

She is very determined to help her friends in finding their perfect match. But in doing so, she has no idea she has walked over the hearts of many as well as hers.

The movie will show how instead of finding perfect matches for others, she finds someone special in her heart.

The movie was filmed in June 2020 but due to some issues, the movie had been on hold.

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