Did Kyrie Irving play in the 2017 Finals?

OAKLAND, Calif. — The Cleveland Cavaliers stand at a crossroads once again on the NBA Finals stage, down 0-2 to the vaunted Golden State Warriors, and Kyrie Irving is in the middle of it all. Comparing Stars: NBA Finals Games 1 and 2. Kyrie Irving Points 43 Rebounds 5 Assists 9 Blocks 1 Click to see full answer. Moreover, who won the 2017 NBA championship? Golden State Warriors Subsequently, question is, what team did the Warriors defeat in the playoffs to reach the 2017 NBA Finals? The 2017 NBA Finals was the championship series of the National Basketball Association (NBA)’s 2016–17 season and conclusion of the season’s playoffs. The Western Conference champion Golden State Warriors defeated the defending NBA champion and Eastern Conference champion Cleveland Cavaliers four games to one. In this regard, who guarded LeBron in the 2017 finals? According to data from Second Spectrum, Iguodala has guarded LeBron James 673 times over the last three NBA Finals series between the Warriors and Cavs. LeBron has 34 turnovers in those possessions, and Cleveland has an offensive efficiency rating of 104.9 as a team with Iggy defending James.What happened with Kyrie Irving?Kyrie Irving Taken To Hospital After Getting Hit In Face With Elbow At Nets Practice. Nets point guard Kyrie Irving was taken to the hospital on Tuesday after getting hit in the face with what Nets GM Sean Marks called a “stray inadvertent elbow” during practice.

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