Did Sir Francis Drake claim any land?

During his circumnavigation of the world, English seaman Francis Drake anchors in a harbor just north of present-day San Francisco, California, and claims the territory for Queen Elizabeth I.Click to see full answer. Similarly, it is asked, what land did Sir Francis Drake claim?Francis Drake was an English seaman and some would say a pirate. He was ordered by Elizabeth 1 to circumnavigate the world. On this day, during his round the world voyage he claimed modern California for the English Crown. He called the land ‘Nova Albion’ or New England.Similarly, what did Sir Francis Drake bring back? The first potatoes to reach England were most likely brought by the Spanish by the 1570s (a decade before Drake’s travels). However, he did return to England with tobacco and potatoes on the conclusion of his 1586 voyage to America. During this voyage he also rescued the failed colonists at Roanoke. what did Sir Francis Drake discover in California? Drake in California. In 1579, Francis Drake sailed out in the Pacific, then turned east seeking the Strait of Anián (a water passage from the Pacific to the Atlantic, known in the reverse direction as the Northwest Passage), or for a place to repair his ships.Did Sir Francis Drake circumnavigate the globe?The Famous Voyage: The Circumnavigation of the World, 1577-1580. Drake was noted in his life for one daring feat after another; his greatest was his circumnavigation of the earth, the first after Magellan’s. He sailed from Plymouth on Dec. 13, 1577.

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