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DJ Maphorisa shares experience on dating broke girls

DJ Maphorisa spills out his experience on dating broke girls and it’s got some fans rolling on the floor with laughter, while others affirmed.

In a short statement, the music producer tweeted about the toxicity that comes with being in a relationship with a girl that’s broke.

Lawd Phori didn’t directly say he’s experienced it, but who comes to Twitter to spill out what hasn’t being experienced, as he tweeted with much confidence.

“Dating a broke girl is so toxic shame,” he said.

Well, Maphorisa has been dragged multiple times for dating girls way younger than him; this experience could have been garnered from one his exes.

What else do you expect from a young girl who isn’t working?

Maphorisa is known to brag about his wealth and how he’s securing the bags. He recently launched a fun spot for music, food and vibes.

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