Do equipment rental companies deliver?

Delivery of equipment is an integral part of the rental business and a costly service to provide. Some rental companies have in-house delivery; some use outside haulers. Others, however, provide no delivery service whatsoever. There is a direct link between rental rates and delivery charges.Click to see full answer. Likewise, does Sunbelt Rentals deliver equipment?Sunbelt offers transportation services to its customers through knowledgeable professionals via a fleet of trucks and trailers that provide timely delivery of the wide variety of rental equipment that Sunbelt offers. The transportation surcharge is NOT a government mandated tax or fee. how much is a equipment rental? Renting an excavator averages $571 a day, $1,233 a week, and $3,433 for four weeks. According to Warehouse IQ, a new 6,000 pound forklift costs between $11,000 and $13,000. Big Rentz rents out forklifts for $196 a day, $547 a week, and $1,640 for four weeks. Hereof, does Home Depot deliver equipment? The Home Depot Rental offers large equipment delivery directly to your jobsite or home in select markets. Our flat rate delivery and pickup fees deliver a total rental cost you’ll love. Delivery requires a minimum of a 1-day rental and a 24-hour advanced notice to schedule.Does Home Depot sell rental equipment?The Home Depot Rental has a wide variety of used equipment for sale. Our equipment is well maintained and sold through auction. Search used equipment or find an auction near you.

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