Do I have to pay rent if I file bankruptcy?

Yes, you still have to pay rent if you file bankruptcy. Filing bankruptcy does not mean you get a free ride for life or even for a day. It does mean that you may be able to discharge debts that existed prior to the filing of your case butClick to see full answer. Keeping this in view, can I stay in my apartment if I file bankruptcy?During the bankruptcy case, the court’s automatic stay prevents any legal action against you for debts, including rent. After discharge, however, you will no longer have any right to stay in the apartment.Additionally, does filing bankruptcy get you out of a lease? Bankruptcy allows you to break your lease In addition to discharging back rent, the bankruptcy case will allow you to break the lease without paying termination fees or future rent. Lease agreements are considered executory contracts and are subject to bankruptcy law. Likewise, people ask, what happens when a tenant files bankruptcy? Essentially, once a tenant files for bankruptcy, a landlord may take no further action to collect past-due rent, continue with an eviction, or even offset a security deposit. Landlords who violate the automatic stay may suffer serious repercussions. There are exceptions to this general rule.When should you consider bankruptcy? When to file bankruptcy Debt collectors are calling. If you’re behind on your bills to the point that you’re hearing from debt collectors, it may be time to consider bankruptcy. You’re in danger of losing your home. You’re using loans to pay your bills. You’re liquidating your retirement assets.

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