Do silicone bongs work well?Do silicone bongs work well?

Yes absolutely silicone is safe to smoke out of, BUT only if you are buying from a reputable online headshop such as Toker Supply. Silicone has an extremely high melting point and can, therefore, withstand extreme heat and temperatures without deforming, melting or emitting harmful gases.Click to see full answer. Also, how long do silicone bongs last?When it comes to a silicone bong, if you choose the right one, it can last you many years. So, if it is a matter of paying $20 more for a bong that you know is absolutely safe to use, that you plan on having for 5 or even 10+ years, it is absolutely worth it.Furthermore, is smoking out of silicone safe? The short answer is, yes. Silicone pipes are safe when they are purchased from a reputable manufacture, such as Eyce. Silicone smoking pipes have become more prevalent, and for good reason. Thereof, are silicone pipes better than glass? Silicone pipes are great for people who could be prone to accidents, or if you have a history of getting pieces broken. With water filtration very similar to most glass pipes, this is a perfect addition to any smoking collection. A benefit of silicone is that it can take a while to get dirty.Do silicone pipes burn?Silicone will not transfer heat as easily, meaning your piece will never melt or burn you. Silicone is inert! That means it doesn’t usually react to most chemicals, and is non-toxic as a material.

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