Does a sump pump need maintenance?

Sump pumps on the whole are quite reliable. But as with any other important piece of equipment, regular maintenance is always a good idea. Spend a few minutes every couple of months, when heavy rains are forecast and in early spring to ensure reliable sump pump operation.Click to see full answer. Regarding this, how often should you have your sump pump serviced?In most cases, sump pumps should be tested every three to four months. This should involve opening the inlet screen (often also called the pump screen) and cleaning it out, among other things. However, in some cases, your sump pump might actually benefit from more regular cleanings.One may also ask, do you really need a sump pump? Sump pump services are a must if you notice problems with water and moisture in your basement. Even if your basement doesn’t flood on a regular basis, sump pumps can save you from serious (and costly) expenses related to water and moisture damage in your basement. Likewise, people ask, how long do sump pumps usually last? about 10 years Can I put vinegar in my sump pump?Vinegar can be used for cleaning debris and residue in your sump pump. You need to make a detergent of vinegar and water, pour it in your sump pump and let it sit in. After that flush the detergent, and you are good to go. If not used properly, vinegar can damage your sump pump.

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