Does ECHO show work with ADT Pulse?

The ADT Smart Home Skill will work with the following Echo devices: Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Plus, Echo Show, and Echo Input. ADT is committed to your security, using our knowledge and expertise to help keep you safe 24/7.Click to see full answer. Thereof, does Amazon Echo work with ADT Pulse?Your Alexa device will not show as a paired device in your ADT Pulse app and cannot be accessed/controlled through your ADT Pulse app. It can only be controlled and accessed via voice command through your Alexa device, or via the Amazon Alexa app.Also, does Philips hue work with ADT Pulse? ADT Pulse is first professionally installed security/home automation system to work with IFTTT. Or: If my ADT Pulse system goes into alarm mode, then turn my Philips Hue lights to red to freak any intruders. Thereof, does Alexa work with ADT control? Amazon Alexa allows you to use voice control for select automation with your ADT Command System! The Alexa voice service is a seamless and easy way to access your ADT Control app using just your voice which works the same as the app.Can I add devices to my ADT system? ADT Pulse FAQs To enroll additional devices, simply go to the System tab of your Pulse device and select “Manage Devices.” On-screen instructions will guide you through the installation process. (Please note that each device has unique requirements that need to be followed.)

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