Does Ganahl Lumber drug test?

7 matching questions 84 Lumber does a urine test to ensure all applicants are drug free and able to work efficiently.Click to see full answer. In this way, do they drug test lumber yards?Yes, they do random urine drug testings.Secondly, who owns Ganahl Lumber? Following the death of Mr. Grimm in the 1930’s, Ernest Ganahl bought out the Grimm family’s interest and changed the name to the Ernest Ganahl Lumber Company. He also made his contribution to the changing inventory of the lumber business by adding hardware to Ganahl’s growing product line. People also ask, does Ganahl Lumber cut wood? Big box stores will cross-cut your wood to a certain length or width, but if you require any level of customization, you’re out of luck. Your local lumber yard, however, can custom mill your wood to any particular width and length you need.Does the Census drug test?Pay is great for a job with no drug tests ($15-22/hr for most positions), a generous background check and nothing more than a high school-level quiz required for placement. You are guaranteed nothing and they can lay you off before you ever work your first day.

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