Does Marshawn Lynch eat Skittles before a game?

— — Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch is a big fan of Skittles and has been so for a while. He loves them so much that he was spotted on the sidelines today eating a handful prior to the kickoff of Super Bowl XLIX. “I would give him a handful of Skittles and say, ‘Eat ’em up, baby.Click to see full answer. Similarly, does Marshawn Lynch eat Skittles?Marshawn Lynch loves Skittles. You knew that already. That’s one of his trademarks, eating those artificially-flavored sweet candies on the sideline. It really seems like Lynch or someone who works for the Raiders is trying to be super-secret about the veteran running back getting his sideline snack of choice.Furthermore, what does Marshawn Lynch have to do with Skittles? Lynch has long been linked to Skittles due to the fact that fans at Seattle’s CenturyLink Field shower him with the candy after he scores touchdowns. Per Rovell, Lynch’s love affair with Skittles began when he was a child and his mother gave him the so-called “power pellets” before his Pop Warner games. Keeping this in consideration, is Marshawn Lynch sponsored by Skittles? Marshawn Lynch Officially Signs An Endorsement Deal With Skittles. Youtube Screen Grab/NFL Network Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch officially signed an endorsement deal with the Skittles. Skittles could make millions off the deal just from his presence in the Super Bowl.Why was Marshawn Lynch fined for Skittles cleats?The Seahawks’ running back was fined $10,000 for wearing his customized Skittles cleats from Nike during last Saturday’s game against the San Francisco 49ers. Lynch received a heftier fine because he had already been fined $5,000 for wearing green socks during the Monday night game against St. Louis earlier this month.

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