Does Outward Bound still exist?

Outward Bound International is a membership organisation of the worldwide Outward Bound network. We currently serve Outward Bound schools operating in more than 30 countries with over 250 wilderness and urban locations. Worldwide, Outward Bound serves over 150,000 participants each year.Click to see full answer. Moreover, how much is Outward Bound?A 28-day Intercept course with Outward Bound costs around $6,895, or $246 per day.Similarly, what does Outward Bound do? Outward Bound helped to shape the U.S. Peace Corps and numerous other outdoor adventure programs. Its aim is to foster the personal growth and social skills of participants by using challenging expeditions in the outdoors. Similarly one may ask, is Outward Bound safe? Outward Bound is dangerous, you know that going in, you know that when you sign up, it is what you hope for when attending. Of course there are dangers in all expeditions, no one told you it was safe or easy by any means.Is outward bound for troubled kids?Outward Bound’s At-Risk Programs for Troubled Teens and Families – Making an Impact. Ah yes, the classic Outward Bound Wilderness experience! Outward Bound is known around the world as the premier outdoor leadership program, taking youth into the wilderness and changing their lives through challenge and adventure.

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