Does Washington state have a Cracker Barrel?

There are Cracker Barrels in 42 states, mostly located along interstates. The plan is to continue expanding westward into Washington, Oregon and California, three of the eight states that aren’t home to any Cracker Barrels.Click to see full answer. Similarly, you may ask, is there a Cracker Barrel in all 50 states? The state with the most number of Cracker Barrel locations in the US is Florida with 59 locations, which is 8% of all Cracker Barrel locations in America. States with the most number of Cracker Barrel locations. State Locations Texas 53 Tennessee 51 Georgia 47 North Carolina 41 Furthermore, what state is there no Cracker Barrel? Cracker Barrel Type Public Industry Restaurants Founded September 19, 1969 Founder Dan Evins Headquarters Lebanon, Tennessee , United States Also asked, is there a Cracker Barrel in Tacoma Washington? Cracker Barrel Old Country Store in Tacoma, WA.Is Cracker Barrel coming to Spokane WA?Cracker Barrel planning location in North Spokane. Although it isn’t publicly announced yet, it looks like we can now say that the Cracker Barrel chain of restaurants and country stores is coming to Spokane! Documents have been filed with the city, showing plans to build a new Cracker Barrel in North Spokane.

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