Don’t Tell Anyone What You Doing Until It’s Done. Outside Energy Can Throw Off Goals

Outside Energy Can Throw Off Goals

Today, I saw a quote that said “Don’t tell anyone what you’re doing until it’s done. Outside energy can throw off goals”.

When I saw it, I realize it makes a lot of sense.

I believe this is 100% true because it applies in real-life situations, which many people have testified to.

People that have negative intentions and don’t want to see you succeed can wish you harm, and that may actually affect the outcome of your goals and aspirations.

So one needs to be very careful when sharing your ideas with friends and even family members.

Some may appear to love you but within, they wish you bad and that can be a source of negative energy that can affect your achievements.

What I’ve personally realized is, anytime I share a business idea or any idea with someone, I find it hard to accomplish it, but when I keep it to myself, I’m able to get myself motivated till I get things done.

But of course, if you need an expert opinion on what you’re up to, you can seek it, but not directly from people around you.

Part of the problem also is praise. I try not to talk about things that aren’t finished because, when you do, you’re triggering the same kind of reward mechanisms that you would when you finish.

This has the detrimental effect of making it harder to finish, as you’ve already got your “prize“.

You know what? I stopped sharing my dreams and intentions years ago because other people would try and poke holes in my plan or tell me things were impossible.

Why telling people your goals is a fatal mistake

Humans have tons of dreams, aspirations, and goals which we would like to achieve.

And since we are social creatures, we also like to talk about them. But maybe it’s time we stop telling people what our goals are.

The reason why we shouldn’t is that when we tell others what we’re planning to do, it makes us less likely to follow through and actually achieves those goals.

Here’s why:

In a 2009 study, a group of researchers examined 163 people across four separate tests. Every one of those participants was told to write down their personal goals.

Then the first half of them told everyone in the room about their commitment to this goal. The other half didn’t and kept their mouths shut.

Then everyone was given 45 minutes to work on their goal, but they were told that they could stop at any time.

The results were quite interesting: The group that kept silent about their goals worked on average for the entirety of 45 minutes.

After being asked about their progress, they tended to be pretty realistic. Most of them said that they had a lot more work to do before they completed their goal.

The group that told everyone in the room about their goals, had a different story, though. They only worked for 33 minutes on average before they quit.

And when they were asked about their progress, they were a lot more confident than the other group. Most of them said that they were pretty close to completing their goal, even though they really weren’t.

So this group made much less progress on the goal, and yet they felt that they had actually done more.

The researchers concluded that telling people about your goals creates a premature sense of completion.

This happens because when you announce your goal to someone, you feel good. And it feels like you’ve actually done something towards achieving that goal, even though you haven’t done anything yet.

In other words: Your mind mistakes the talking for doing. As far as I’m concerned, there are four types of people:

1st are those who don’t take action and yet, tell everyone about their goals. This is your typical New Year’s resolutionist. They tell everyone how they are going to improve themselves, but they don’t really do anything. These people are super annoying.

Then 2nd we have those who don’t take action and tell no one. They have aspirations but don’t get anything done, and they don’t tell anyone either. They keep their goals to themselves, but never achieve them. A boring bunch of people.

The 3rd type is those who take action and tell everyone. These are productive people but tend to be assholes. They get stuff done, but they are constantly bragging to others how amazing they are. Basically, they’re full of themselves.

And finally, the 4th type is those who take action and tell no one. These people get everything done, but don’t tell a single soul. They are super-high achievers who don’t feel the need to talk about their success.

Instead, they let their results do the talking for them. I’m willing to argue that the person who does the work and tells nobody, is the best type.

The truth is, people, don’t really care about what you say you’re going to do. They only care about what you’ve actually done.

But they also don’t want to listen to someone bragging. That’s why the 4th type is the best type in my opinion.

Knowing all of this, stop telling others your goals. There really are no benefits to it. You don’t want to be the guy who just talks about all the things he’s going to do but doesn’t take any action.

Remember, your mind might confuse talking for doing. And make no mistake, having dreams and goals is nothing special.

Everyone in the world has them. But it’s only those who take action towards those goals, that are actually amazing.

I know it’s sometimes difficult to keep your exciting goals to yourself.

So to eliminate that urge, you should write them down and create a plan on how to achieve them. Then stick to that plan, but don’t tell anyone about it.

As they say, work hard in silence and let success make the noise.

But also remember that if you have a good woman, involve her in your business, you’ll see great progress.

I don’t know if you agree, share your opinion on this with us in the comment box below!!!



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