Dorian Missick Wife Simone Missick Is A Graduate of Howard University

Dorian Missick wife Simone Missick is an actress notable for playing Detective Misty Knight in Luke Cage. Simone first met Dorianat at an audition in 2009.

The American actor Dorian Crossmond is best known for portraying Damian in the TV series ‘Six Degrees.’ He was born on 15th January 1976 in East Orange.

After his birth, his parents moved to North Plainfield where he spent his childhood days. During his first acting class, Dorian was selected for the small role of a fisherman in ‘In the Heat of the Night’.

In 1996, he joined the Jazz Actors to study theatre acting under Ernie McClintock. After the dispersal of the company, Missick joined NITE Star whose primary focus is to educate young ones about AIDS.

While in the NITE Star, he met Kerry Washington and started working in TV commercials. In 2002, Dorian made his movie debut as a limo driver in ‘Two Weeks Notice.’ His acting as a driver helped him to gain momentum in the movie industry.

Later, he starred in NYPD Blue, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Undermind. During the audition of ‘Antwone Fisher’, Missick met with Denzel Washington who helped to get the leading role in ‘Premium.’

He has appeared in numerous movies and TV series including Monsters, Brian Banks and For Life. His upcoming biopic film ‘Shirley’ will be released in 2023.

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– Simone Missick Is From Detroit
– Dorian And Simone Relationship At A Glance
– Dorian Missick married life with Simone
– Do Dorian and Simone Have Any Children?
– The Couple Makes Sure To Share A Post As Birthday Tribute
– Dorian and Simone are each other’s plus one at every event

Simone Missick Is From Detroit

Dorian Missick wife Simone Missick is a television actress. Dorian Missick got married to Simone Missick in 2012.

Simone was born on 19th January 1982 in Michigan. Simone attended Renaissance High School and completed her education in 1999. Later in 2003, she completed her bachelor’s degree in English from Howard University.

After graduation, she joined the British American Drama Academy and studied acting under Jane Lapotaire and Ben Kingsley. Later in 2012, Simone starred as Reese Knight in ‘The Road to Sundance.’

In 2012, she played the role of Elise in the tele series ‘A Taste of Romance’ and a,fter two years starred as Porschla in ‘Ray Donovan.’ After struggling for years, Simone got her breakthrough role as Misty Knight in ‘Luke Cage’.

The American actress appeared in the Netflix series ‘The Defenders’ and ‘Iron Fist.’ Again in February 2019, Misty Knight of Luke Cage appeared in the sci-fi series ‘Altered Carbon.’

The 41-year-old actress Simone played the role of Judge Lola Carmichael in the drama series ‘All Rise’. Since 2019, she is playing the role of Judge in the CBS series.

According to her IMDB profile, Simone has credit for producing TV series and short movies. In 2018, she produced the award-winning film ‘Jinn.’ In the TV series ‘All Rise’ of 2022, she produced a single episode of season 3 named ‘Wanna Be Starting Something.’

Simone has seven awards nominations, including the Colored Reel Awards and Image Awards. She was nominated for Image Award in 2020 for her outstanding contribution as an actress in the ‘All Rise’ drama series.

Dorian And Simone Relationship At A Glance

Dorian Missick relationship with Simone Missick began in 2009. They have been together for more than 13 years.

Back in 2009, actor Dorian was helping his friend to direct an episode for web series. They had given the notice for the audition. Simone had given the audition for the role in the web series.

Simone didn’t get the job but met Dorian for the first time. After their first encounter, they started going on dates and eventually fell in love with each other. They dated for almost three years before getting married.

Dorian Missick married life with Simone

Dorian Missick married Simone Cook on 19th February 2012. Dorian and Simone are enjoying each other companionship.

The Missick couple goes on date nights from time to time. On 25th April 2017, they went to have a couple of drinks at the bar. The beautiful couple’s picture was featured in Essence Magazine. On 30th December 2019, they went to the Maldives to celebrate Christmas and New Year.

Since their first meeting in 2009, Dorian and Simone have had a blissful marital relationship. They always show love and respect to each other. Dorian never fails to cheer his partner Simone.

In the second season of the TV series ‘Luke Cage,’ Dorian played the role of a Cockroach, whereas Simone played the role of Misty Knight. According to CBS, there was a scene in which she had to slam Dorian against the gate.

She tried to break his arm during the shooting as he was too loud in her trailer. Later she told CBS that Dorian is a fantastic actor and playing the role against him was great.

Do Dorian and Simone Have Any Children?

No, Dorian and Simone do not have any children. They are still thinking about having kids.

During the premiere second season of the TV series, ‘All Rise’ Simone was seen with a baby bump. In the series, Lola (Simone) revealed her pregnancy to her husband Robin Talyor (Todd Williams).

The News was given to Entertainment Tonight by deputy District attorney Mark Callen. The pregnancy was just for the TV shows. But the news took another path and her fans started wishing her a happy pregnancy.

The Couple Makes Sure To Share A Post As Birthday Tribute

The Missick couple always shares the birthday post via their Instagram. They celebrate their birthday in January and have only four days difference in birthdays. On January 20, 2019, Dorian posted a stunning image of Simone and wished her a Happy Birthday.

On 20th January 2021, Dorian shared Simone’s birthday pictures on his Instagram. Dorian was holding his partner’s hands, and they were dressed elegantly.

Simone shared the birthday post with a beautiful message on January 16, 2022. She wrote, “Here’s looking at you, kid Happy birthday, my love.”

Dorian and Simone are each other’s plus one at every event

Dorian and Simone always attend every event together. The Missick duo attended the second annual Gala programs at the St. John’s parish. Rise Up Foundation hosted it on 19th March 2017.

On 23rd October 2018, both Dorian and Simone appeared at the New York Premiere of ‘Tell Me a Story.’ It was held at Metrograph, New York, United States.

They attended the 51st NAACP Image Awards, which was held at Ray Dolby Ballroom. The non-televised awards dinner party happened on February 21, 2020.

Since their marriage, they appear in every event together. Recently on 6th September 2022, they attended the Primetime Emmy Award ceremony.

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