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“Entertainment industry not the talent industry,” Prince Kaybee reacts to Uncle Vinny’s Amapiano nod

Prince Kaybee dropped his cent on Uncle Vinny’s nomination at the first ever Amapiano Awards 2021.

On Monday, the young entertainer was nominated for the Best Amapiano dancer category along side Kamo Mphela and a few others.

However, lots of people were saddened with how some big Amapiano stars like Zuma and Vigro Deep got snubbed, but Vinny got a nod.

Prince Kaybee took to Twitter explaining why Vinny got nominated.

“It’s called the ENTERTAINMENT industry not the TALENT industry that’s why sometimes the talented don’t trend and those who are entertaining with zero talent trend. You can entertain people by being super talented same way that you can entertain by lacking talent,” he said.

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