Former Florida Gators Ol Kaleb Boateng Death: Body Found in Student Housing Apartment Complex

At an understudy high rise in Gainesville on Thursday, a previous Florida Gators hostile lineman died suddenly.
Kaleb Boateng, a hostile lineman who was a stroll on, was respected in virtual entertainment recognitions. Boateng moved from Clemson and joined the Florida group in 2021.
Following insight about Boateng’s end, Clemson lead trainer Dabo Swinney gave the accompanying assertion: Swinney said, “We are profoundly disheartened to hear the fresh insight about Kaleb’s passing.”
“This is a very horrendous and discouraging situation. We are expressing supplications for his loved ones. Despite the fact that Kaleb was exclusively with us for a brief time prior to leaving, we recall him as a phenomenal colleague who was dependably playful. We send our feelings to his family and to each and every individual who had the pleasure of knowing him.”
Dan Mullen, a previous lead trainer at UF, tweeted: “So sorry to learn about Kaleb Boateng.

It’s hard to find the words in a moment like this. This is a phone call you never want to receive as a parent or as a coach – especially about a former player. Although our time was short together, Kaleb was a Gator. He was a beloved friend, son and teammate.
— COACH BILLY NAPIER (@coach_bnapier) February 10, 2023

He generally had an uplifting perspective and an extraordinary hard working attitude both on and off the field. Petitions to his loved ones.”
Kaleb Boateng’s Reason for Death Boateng died on Thursday night at the Varsity House high rise, as indicated by TV20.
The passing was controlled to be a clear self destruction by the Gainesville Police Division.

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