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GBV group demands AKA music to be taken down

Gender Based Violence (GBV) group demands that all AKA songs should be taken down from streaming platforms, radio stations, TV channels and other platforms.

The group named Women For Change are on a mission to get justice for the rapper’s late fiancée, Anele Nelli Tembe, and they are using hashtag Mute AKA to promote their agenda.

In an Instagram post, the group said: “We are demanding all Radio Stations, TV stations, @spotifysa, @youtubemusic, @applemusic, and @cruzvodka to MUTE AKA with immediate effect! Mute AKA music on your #Spotify #AppleMusic #YoutubeMusic Account or other streaming platforms. It is overdue to show South Africa once and for all that women matter! We want justice for Nellie!”

Video of the violence in their relationship before Anele died went viral some days ago, and people are marveled at how they became drug addict and toxic together.

However, Supa Mega has said he isn’t a suspect to the death case, but a witness.

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