Golden Tate Sister Jalen Ramsey Climactic Relationship

Golden Tate sister Breanna dated Jalen Ramsey for four years. Breanna Tate has two children named Brooklyn Ramsey and Breelyn Erin.

The founder of the swimwear brand “Ana Swim,” Breanna, was in a romantic liaison with the Los Angeles Rams star for several years.

Though unmarried, the couple welcomed a baby Breelyn Erin in July 2018. Then in early 2019, Breanna became pregnant with baby number two.

While Brenanne was pregnant and due to give birth in September, Jalen’s decision to break up with her caused a great deal of upset to her twin brother, Golden.

The 34-year-old athlete is a Hendersonville, Tennessee native who played college football for Notre Dame Irish before entering the NFL in 2010.

In 2010, the Seattle Seahawks drafted him in the second round of the NFL Draft. Tate plays for the Tennessee Titans since he signed the club in 2021.

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– Golden Tate and Jalen Ramsey Drama
– Jalen Ramsey and Breanna Tate Relationship
– Jalen Ramsey Girlfriend
– Jalen Ramsey Kids
– Breelyn Erin Ramsey
– Brooklyn Ramsey

Golden Tate and Jalen Ramsey Drama

NFL stars Golden Tate and Jalen engaged in a post-match feud in October 2020.

The NFL game between the New York Giants and Los Angeles Rams was intense. After the match at SoFi Stadium, Tate and Ramsey head into each other in a nasty brawl.

The long-standing animosity between the two finally reached a tipping point when they confronted each other after the game had ended.

The tension was already high when Tate and Ramsey came face to face. At first, they exchanged words, and before anyone could interrupt, they threw punches at each other.

The fight that followed was even more extreme, and it took several minutes to separate the players. Both of them faced online criticism for their actions.

Tate knew he had succumbed to his rage but could not stop himself. He had always stood up for his family, so watching Jalen get away with his deeds infuriated him.

The Titans WR had always respected Ramsey and had never expected him to do something so hurtful to his sibling. When Breanna became pregnant for the second time, Tate assumed that Jalen would be there for her.

Instead, Jalen broke up with Breanna and refused to take responsibility for their daughter and the unborn child. It was a low blow, and Tate could not stand to see her in despair.

Tate congratulated Breanna and Ramsey on the birth of their first child, a daughter named Breelyn. When he saw Jalen’s Instagram post with his new girlfriend, he knew he had to confront him.

When asked about the situation, Golden even replied to a Twitter post saying, “He know he gonna have to see me.”

Jalen Ramsey and Breanna Tate Relationship

Jalen and Breanna started dating in 2015 before they parted ways in 2019. The couple went to several beautiful locations in and out of the country on their vacations.

A few months before giving birth to their first child, Breanna posted a picture of her enlarged belly on Instagram, unveiling they were expecting a baby soon.

Nevertheless, in July 2016, they welcomed a daughter named Breelyn Erin.

However, their romantic relationship began to crumble in 2019. In the summer, Jalen departed for Las Vegas, and it turned out to be the final time Breanna laid eyes on him.

He dramatically left her, sharing a photo with his new girlfriend, Monica, on his Instagram profile.

Breanna is a founder and model for a swimsuit company, “Ana Swim.” She launched the business with her female sibling Deanna.

After much consideration, they used their names to form the company’s name, putting great effort into its curation.

Jalen Ramsey Girlfriend

Jalen Ramsey girlfriend Monica Giavanna is a dancer from Las Vegas. She is also a member of the Clear Talent Group.

Ramsey had a romantic past with Chelsea Williams before he dated Breanna in 2015.

After things went south between him and Breanna, Jalen began a new relationship with Giavanna. He took to Instagram and shared a picture of them.

Monica was gazing into the abyss while Jalen was intently looking into her eyes, revealing the burgeoning affection they were brewing.

Besides, she is a dance performer and choreographer who graduated from Penn State University.

She is quite popular on social media, especially on Instagram, which boasts 33.5K followers and over one thousand posts. Monica is making the most out of life, evident from the numerous photos on her Instagram feed.

However, after dating for a year, Ramsey broke up with Monica in 2020.

Jalen Ramsey Kids

Jalen Ramsey has three kids, two daughters with his former partner Breanna and one with Salaina.

He is the father to Breelyn Erin and Brooklyn Tate.

Breelyn Erin Ramsey

His firstborn, Breelyn, was born on July 16, 2018. Ramsey was at the training facility with the Jacksonville Jaguars, practicing for the new season, when he heard the news of him being a father.

Jalen was eager as he promptly requested an immediate leave of absence from the club’s administration, keen to rush home to be with Breanna.

He was confident Breelyn would excel in athletics, especially in track & field, for the years to come, given both her parents Ramsey and Breanna, boast impressive resumes of former athletes.

The NFL cornerback announced the birth of Breeyln via a tweet in July 2018. He voiced his excitement at beginning a new journey with Breanna, filled with excitement and hope for the future.

Brooklyn Ramsey

Moreover, Breanna posted a picture of her pregnant belly in early 2019. Brooklyn Ramsey was born in September 2019.

But a couple of months before their second daughter Brooklyn arrived, they had already parted ways.

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