Has the Disney Wonder been refurbished?

Almost everything on the Disney Wonder was renovated or completely re-done, and the classic ship looks brand new. The ship is the same size as her older sister ship the Disney Magic, which was significantly refurbished in 2013. Some things haven’t changed.Click to see full answer. Also to know is, when was the Disney Wonder last refurbished? Disney Wonder History The Disney Wonder underwent extensive renovations while in dry dock from September 9 to October 23, 2016, in Cadiz, Spain. Although the Disney Wonder is almost 20 years old, it is still fresh, new and relevant due to it’s major overhaul in the fall of 2016.Furthermore, when was the Disney Magic refurbished? The year 2018 marks a major milestone for the Disney Cruise Line as the 20th anniversary of the brand’s first ship. The Disney Magic first launched in 1998, and thanks to a recent dry-dock refurbishment, the vessel looks as fresh as day one with new and updated features for the whole family. Furthermore, has the Disney Magic been refurbished? The Disney Magic was the first ship from Disney Cruise Line, and now — fresh off a dry-dock refurbishment — it has never looked better. And with overhauled spaces for everyone from teens to adults, this ship keeps all ages happy.Does the Disney Wonder have the AquaDunk?Unlike the Disney Magic and even the rest of the fleet, the Disney Wonder will not be getting a signature water slide such as the AquaDunk. However, the Disney Wonder’s upper decks will still be redesigned for waterful enjoyment.

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