Her Affair To Die For (2023) Lifetime Cast and Movie Review

Her Affair to Die For lifetime cast includes Ryan Francis and Meghan Carrasquillo in lead roles. The movie was released on January 23, 2023.

The movie’s original title was Hands Off My Father, but they changed it later. It was directed by Tamar Halpern and written by Erica Land.

It shares the story of a young woman searching for a roommate. But she turned out to be the person who destroyed her family as she started seducing her father.

Table of Contents

– Her Affair To Die For Lifetime Cast
– Ryan Francis As Noah Davis
– Meghan Carrasquillo As Alyssa Winters
– Logan Mariner As Christina Davis
– Christina Maria Licciardi As Liz Davis
– Other Cast Members
– Movie Plot And Synopsis
– Fans’ Reviews About The Movie

Her Affair To Die For Lifetime Cast

Her Affair to Die For cast comprises Ryan Francis and Meghan Carrasquillo as lead cast members. Logan Mariner and Christina Maria Licciardi are the supporting cast.

Ryan Francis As Noah Davis

Francis played the role of Noah, a businessman, in the lifetime movie. His character was struggling to develop his career and open his firm.

While dealing with the pressure, he avoids his wife’s dreams. As a result, there came a distance between them.

However, he tried to make up for his spouse and his daughter. In the process, he encounters his daughter’s roommate obsessed with him.

He accused his wife of sleeping with Sam and got kicked out of the house. At last, he slept with Alyssa, which turned his life upside down.

Besides this, the actor has recently been featured in Deltopia. Also, he is working on various upcoming movies like Hidden Springs, Paranorman Nobodies and The Getback.

Meghan Carrasquillo As Alyssa Winters

Carrasquillo starred as the seductive roommate Alyssa. She introduced herself as a volunteer at the hospital.

She met with Christine after she saw an ad at the cafe. She said she is a personal trainer, works as an office temp, and walks dogs for earnings.

During her childhood, she spent time in the hospital as her father had pancreatic cancer, and the nurse used to take care of her.

She even talks about her bad breakup with her boyfriend, Josh.

After Christine gave her a chance to be her roommate, she started making an impression on her dad. She even offers to take the file to him personally.

When Craig asked for a coffee date, she denied it and started chatting with Noah and his problems.

After she learned about his situation, she tried to fill in his assistant position. Finally, she takes advantage of Noah.

The actress is known for Hider in My House, The Squad, and The Mystery Incorporated.

Logan Mariner As Christina Davis

Mariner appeared as Christina, a daughter of Noah and Liz. She lives 15 min away from her family and searching for a roommate.

After looking at her difficulties, her father asked to cover half her rent until she found another roommate.

Even her boyfriend, Marcus Jackson, who she was dating for a few months, offered to stay with her. However, she denied the offer and started her findings.

At last, she finally chooses Alyssa. However, it became the big mistake of her life as she started seducing her dad.

The Atlanta content creator made her first debut in Self-portrait. So far, she has emerged in The Murder Podcast, The Pinx: Break Your Heart, and Homicide Hunter: Never Give Up.

Christina Maria Licciardi As Liz Davis

Licciardi portrayed the role of Liz, a housewife and a baker.

She runs a bakery business out of their house. Even Sam became an aid when her husband didn’t understand her desire.

While Noah glimpses the connection between them, he accuses Liz of sleeping with Sam.

She starred in this movie after two years gap. She will appear in the upcoming film Merrily as Sky.

Other Cast Members

– Claire Kennedy as Grace
– Jon Brown as Marcus Jackson
– Meredith Hale as Patricia Burns
– David Lee Garver as Peter Buchanan
– Matthew Withers as Craig Porter
– Elliott Gret as Andrew Ellis
– Adam Harper as Jason
– Mike Boland as Sam Harrison
– Jenna D’Angelo as Detective Harris
Movie Plot And Synopsis

The story begins with the Christina searching for a roommate so she can pay the rent. Even her businessman dad offered her half the rent until she found one.

Her father and mother were facing some trouble in their relationship as a result of pressure at work.

When Liz threw a birthday party for her daughter, she wanted Noah to attend it.

While searching for a roommate, she met with several people. But they didn’t match the vibes with her. At last, she finally found a perfect girl who worked as a volunteer in the hospital.

While touring her room, Christine learned she had her dad’s important file. Meanwhile, her new roommate offered to take it to her father.

Previously, she was in a relationship with a married man, Josh, and now she is after Noah.

She tried to impress Noah on Christine’s birthday. But her friend tries to make the connection between Alyssa and Craig Porter.

To become close to him, she even poisoned Noah’s assistant so she could cover her position.

While Craig talks about her past relationship, the roommates have a big fight as she becomes afraid he will tell her colleague about her past.

After Noah fights with his wife, Liz, he starts drinking in a bar. In that vulnerable situation, she takes advantage and sleeps with him.

Fans’ Reviews About The Movie

Fans thought it was an incredible movie as it teaches cheating destroys a family. Some commented on the casting, as the mother looks younger than the daughter.

Overall, they enjoyed the movie. It received 6.2/10 based on 54 users on IMDB.

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