Here’s what to do if communication is poor in your relationship

The importance of communication as the bedrock of relationship cannot be over-emphasized.

It is is largely about listening, just as it is also about having your opinions and thoughts heard and appreciated, too.

For couples who have problems with this, here are some simple but very helpful tips to help you improve on having better communication, especially when you want your partner to listen and get the message you are passing across without drama.

There’s need for emotional intelligence if communication will ever become A1. To understand your partner, you need to regularly put yourself in their shoes and think of how you’d like to be approached or spoken to, if roles were reversed in that situation.

If you think of how you would love to be approached in a similar situation, it could help you know how to initiate conversation in a loving, considerate manner at that time.

You might sometimes not want to hurt your partner’s feelings but most times, being open and clear about your thoughts and needs is the best way to go.

Your partner should be sensitive to your needs and should not wait to be told everything – true that. But when he or she does not get it, please do not clamp up in anger when you should be telling them what you need. Find the right, clear words to express yourself.

It is very important to communicate frequently with each other. Don’t hold in thoughts, feelings and concerns, especially negative ones, to a boiling point where they all come pouring out in angry, resentful rants that ruin things rather than redeem and salvage the situation.

Sometimes your opinions are valid and those concerns you have about are worth of the complaints but it is the timing that ruins everything.

Knowing to speak and when to not… when to broach a subject and when to hold on till later… these are things you absolutely need to learn if communication is to thrive and get to a 100% effectiveness in your relationship or marriage.

It is important to be a partner who is approachable, non-judgmental and accepting. Of course, this does not mean you have to agree with everything your partner does or that you can’t be pissed at some of their mistakes and terrible errors of judgement.

However, if you are none of the things mentioned above, don’t be surprised if your partner censors what they tell you or of they are selectively open with you.

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