HGTV First Home Fix Actor Austin Coleman Has A Happy Married Life With Co-Star Raisa Kuddus

The famed professional BMX rider Austin Coleman is looking forward to his time as the new HGTV host.

He will appear as the home expert on the new HGTV show “First Home Fix” and for his new career as a reality television host. HGTV mentions that Austin and his partner will help first-time homeowners transform starter homes without breaking the bank.

His fans are thrilled to see his new avatar as a home makeover expert apart from his race competitor persona.

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– Austin Coleman Wife- HGTV Actor Is Happily Married To Designer Raisa Kuddus
– First Home Fix Star Austin Coleman And Raisa Kuddus Net Worth 2022
– Zendaya’s Brother Austin Coleman Parents And Family Background

Austin Coleman Wife- HGTV Actor Is Happily Married To Designer Raisa Kuddus

The rider turned homemaker artist has been happily married to wide Raisa Kuddus for quite some time as of 2022.

Austin and Raisa share a lot of common traits, including their life choices and career, that guarantees their long-lasting marriage.

Moreover, the HGTV actor is not married to Raise, but he will star alongside her as her partner for the upcoming home-making adventures.

The married couple will barge into their creativity and provide the best home renovation under the limited budget of their clients. Both are excited to welcome their show on September 10 and are in grand preparations for the pilot episode.

Raisa is a fun, adventure-loving, and creative artist and engineer. HGTV confirms that she uses her love of color, design history, and nature to create one-of-a-kind spaces for her upcoming show.

Her Instagram handle suggests that she is quite a traveler and enjoys exotic nature than confining herself to a particular job.

Raisa is of South Asian descendency; hence, she is often seen wearing “bindi,” a typical colored mark mainly worn by Asian Hindu women on the forehead.

First Home Fix Star Austin Coleman And Raisa Kuddus Net Worth 2022

As the new HGTV show hosts, Austin Coleman and Raisa Kuddus look forward to a huge opportunity to earn and boost their worth.

Both are well-fledged in their respective careers and have switched careers to do something together.

As a professional BMX rider and with his previous TV appearances, Austin is a millionaire, enjoying a net worth of more than $1 million.

Likewise, the same goes for his wife and TV co-host Raisa, who is also a professional artist and designer. She is an independent woman earning and living the best in her life.

Together, the millionaire couple enjoys all sorts of luxury and working opportunities. For their upcoming venture at “First Home Fix,” Raisa and Austin will work for hand in hand.

Mrs. Coleman will look after the design phase of reconstruction, while her husband will handle the transformation since he is experienced in building and woodworking.

Elle Decor reported that the highest-paid HGTV stars make about $5 million to $10 million from their works. The viewers have hoped for a huge show that will add more millions to the couple’s net worth later.

Zendaya’s Brother Austin Coleman Parents And Family Background

The world-famous singer-actress Zendaya has an elder half-brother Austin Coleman, among her many siblings.

Aside from the “Euphoria” actress, many members of her family decided not to pursue a biz career. However, Austin has been spotted accompanying his baby sister in many instances.

Therefore, the elder Coleman has become well-known to the media due to his familial bond and close relationship with his famous sister.

Regarding the HGTV star Austin Coleman, he is not the “Austin” who is a brother to Zendaya. The two Austins happened to share the same first and last name; however, the two are nowhere related.

The BMX rider was born to his parents, Freddie and Jeanette Coleman, in LA, with whom he grew close.

Meanwhile, Zendaya’s brother Austin was born to father Kazembe Ajamu Coleman in Arkansas, per We Afrique. Further deets on Ajamu Coleman’s first partner have escaped the public view.

He has five children from his relationship before having Zendaya with Claire Stoermer. However, the two are also separated as of 2016.

Hailing from different family backgrounds, both Austins have moved forward in their life and career as of 2022.

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