18 Hidden Facts About Rihanna That You Probably Didn’t Know

Hidden Facts About Rihanna
Hidden Facts About Rihanna

Rihanna is known popularly as one of the biggest stars of the 21st century and has broken several music records, won Germanys, and successfully launched inclusive makeup and fashion lines.

As a music and Rihanna lover, here are some surprising fun facts probably not know about Rihanna;

1. Difficult Childhood:

Hidden Facts About Rihanna

RiRi grew up in a broken home because her parents’ marriage ended when she was 14 years. This is because her father was addicted to crack cocaine, alcohol, and marijuana leading to abusing her mother.

According to her in 2012, she admitted that she had to make peace with her dad in other to forgive Chris Brown for abusing her back in 2009. She was an Ex- worker at a Street Stall.

Wondering if Bad Gal Riri was born into stardom? Let’s think again. ‘The Monster crooner once worked selling clothes at a street stall with her father.

Surprisingly, little did she know she’d one day become one of the world’s best-selling and most wanted artists and even mentor to most upcoming artists.

2. RiRi won a Beauty Pageant:

In the year 2004, Riri was pronounced the winner of the Miss Combermere School beauty pageant. Thou she well deserved it because Her pretty face has always got attractions and the most credit it deserves.

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